Workshop with Fund17: Introduction to Email Marketing

Serah Ridolfo and Allison Schmidt had a great time teaching an intro to email marketing workshop with Fund 17. Our core values align strongly with Fund 17, and we are proud to help New Orleans entrepreneurs and small businesses! It was a jam-packed evening with a lot of really great communication all around. If you missed the event, or for a little refresher we covered the following:

  • Email marketing basics
  • Types of email lists, and how to build a “clean” list
  • Email Marketing and the sales funnel
  • Content to include in marketing emails
  • Email autoresponders
  • Best practices for your email campaign
  • And a brief tutorial of how to use MailChimp (there are TONS of YouTube videos with detailed step-by-step instructions asa well)

Take a look through the slides below to learn more!

We mentioned quite a few blog posts throughout the night that may be a helpful reference for you:

Couldn’t make it to the workshop? We help small businesses all around New Orleans shine online. Learn more in a free strategy session!