Workshop with Fund 17: Intro to Branding Workshop

Serah Ridolfo and Lindsey Bock had such a great time teaching a workshop all about branding with Fund 17.  We really believe in what Fund 17 is on a mission to do to provide micro-entrepreneurs financial and educational tools for self-empowerment. Here at Get Online NOLA, we strive to push the same message and support local New Orleans businesses and their mission. If you weren’t able to make the session, check out the slideshow below to find out what you missed.

Take a look at the slides below we cover topics on

  • How to gain trust online
  • Who is buying my product or service?
  • What social media should I be on?
  • What is branding?
  • How to use Canva




Couldn’t make it to the workshop? We help businesses all around New Orleans level up their marketing! Learn more in a free strategy session!