Why Your Business Needs Multi-Channel Marketing

We don’t know if you know this, but people nowadays are online. A lot.

As of January 2018, the average American spends 24 hours a week online. That’s a full day of scrolling through Facebook, watching Youtube, sending emails, and checking LinkedIn. That more than doubles the average of nine hours we spent per week online in the year 2000. All of this screen time has changed our shopping and researching habits. Getting through all the noise online means you need to utilize multi-channel marketing.

Let’s Stop Calling It A Customer Journey

The customer journey as we used to think of it is totally different. The days of “linear conversion paths” are gone. Your brand must evolve if you want to keep up!

A “journey” is getting your customer from point A to point B. Usually, there’s a beginning, middle, and an end. Picture the average sales funnel, it’s usually split into three sections: awareness, consideration, and purchase. It used to be the marketer’s goal to move your customers smoothly from one section to the next.

But, customers are becoming more unpredictable. We can’t easily determine the course they are going to take any more. This makes a “customer journey” dangerous because you are trying to control the customer, and in that, you may just lose them.

Keeping Up With Your Customer

Especially if your customer is of a younger demographic, it’s critical to update your marketing strategy. The number one thing you need to do is listen to your customer. Find out what social media platform they’re on the most! What are they researching, and how can you help answer their questions as quickly and easily as possible.

A 2017 study by Google found that people are becoming, frankly, more demanding with their searches. People want to find businesses “open now”, they want to buy products with “same-day shipping”. These search terms suggest that people are looking immediate gratification with their shopping. This expectation for super speedy shopping has caused these type of searches to increase by more than 100% since 2015.

Not Just For Retail

This may sound like these changes only affect the retail business. But, nearly all businesses can benefit from listening to their customer and addressing their searched questions.

Let’s say you run a small diner, and you’re hoping to increase the number of people dining after the traditional dinner rush. If you find that many people in your area are searching for “burger place open now” around 8 PM, you can utilize multi-channel marketing to make sure you can answer their question wherever they may be online.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing sounds a bit scummy, right? This is not another name for multi-level marketing. Multi-channel marketing means that you’re using your ad budget effectively by targeting your customers on the multiple channels that they actually use.

So, going back to our diner example, you can address your customers’ search in several different ways at the same time. You can highlight your business hours on your website, Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Tripadvisor. You can also work on building your website’s SEO for the search terms you’ve found. At the same time, you can also post a mouth-watering photo of your burger on Facebook. Then boost that post during the hours that you want to bring more people into the diner.

This helps to get your business in front of your customer’s eyes no matter where they’re searching. Plus, you seal the deal with that photo of your yummy looking food.

More Screens, More Marketing

Going for this multi-channel marketing tactic is helpful because people are now in the habit of looking at multiple devices at the same time. Maybe they’re searching for their dinner on the computer and scrolling through Facebook on their phone at the same time.

This act of using multiple screens at the same time is called “simultaneous screening”. It’s helpful in this situation to know where your customer spends their time.

Do you get most of your clicks on mobile devices or computers? Do you have the ad budget for TV commercials? When you dig into your customer’s habits, you’re able to effectively use your ad budget where it will be the most effective.

Don’t have time to be everywhere at once and run your business at the same time? Trust us, we know the feeling! Let’s chat about your marketing efforts in a free strategy session.