What Is WooCommerce, and How Can it Help Grow Your Business?

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Many brands both old and new are on the hunt for a way to build revenue online.

With 97 percent of shoppers researching products online before purchasing, having a digital presence is key. But, for some brands, just having a website isn’t enough, many need to be able to sell their goods online too. With nearly 60 percent of American shoppers finding products online before buying, businesses need a trustworthy solution to eCommerce.

What Is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform for building a digital storefront. With WooCommerce you don’t need to have a brick and mortar store to sell the products you make best. The fastest growing business model is eCommerce, so to really stand out, you need an eCommerce solution that is well rounded and trustworthy.

WooCommerce makes it possible to sell your products online with a reliable platform for you and your customers. It integrates beautifully with all major shipping providers and payment processors, making it scalable as your business grows. WooCommerce integrates flawlessly with WordPress, the biggest and most trusted content management system.

For some brands, having an online store with WooCommerce is absolutely critical.

Take our client Doorman Designs. Before we built out their new custom website they used a different sales platform that was clunky and hindered growth. Making sales easy for your customer should be at the forefront of an eCommerce website. With his new website, fully integrated with WooCommerce, Doorman Designs has been able to scale their business and increase sales, something they couldn’t get without the functionality behind WooCommerce.

But what if you already have a brick and mortar store?

Building an online store is still a good choice for you! Having an online shopping option doesn’t hurt your business, it only helps. An eCommerce website allows you to give detailed information to your customers in multiple formats that are hard to execute in stores. It allows your customers to educate themselves about your products whenever they like, and at their own pace. You can then give your customers the option of buying online and shipping direct, or collecting in-store.

In store pickup removes shipping costs for your customers, and gets them in your store where they can see your other goods in person. And, even if your potential client doesn’t complete the sale, having an eCommerce website allows you to go back and remarket to people who left items in their cart, and to people who just visited your site.

For some brands, adding an eCommerce element opens brand new revenue streams. For instance, we helped The Velvet Cactus introduce eCommerce to their website. Now you would think that a restaurant doesn’t really have the need for an online store, right? In this case instead of selling their food online, they can now sell their catering services with different pick up hours for each location, as well as selling gift cards straight from their website. This has expanded their revenue for catering and opened an entirely new revenue stream that they did not have before.

We love using WooCommerce to create shoppable websites for our clients. We place our trust in WooCommerce as the industry leader, and because it works seamlessly with our preferred website platform, WordPress.

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