Welcome Serah Ridolfo – Operations Associate

Serah Ridolfo is a native New Orleanean and senior in Marketing at the University of New Orleans. She owned and managed a successful restaurant locally for six years before returning to school to study business. Helping small businesses succeed in a competitive environment is one of her passions, and she is excited to learn more about the accelerating fields of social media marketing. Serah enjoys learning new languages such as French and Italian, but excels in German. She has a strong background in fine arts and has participated in charity auctions to support local non-profits.

In her free time, Serah enjoys all outdoor activities including hiking and camping and has recently discovered the joys of sailing in Lake Pontchartrain. She has two daughters who share her love of the outdoors as well as reading and writing short stories. Together, they someday want to hike the Appalachain Trail and sail around the world.