Websites for Girl Scouts at the STEM Extravaganza

Teach a Girl Scout to Code – She’ll Have a Job Forever

WHAT: Blog Workshop presented by Get Online NOLA at the Girl Scouts STEM Extravaganza
WHEN: Saturday, June 21 2014 9:00 – 3:30pm
WHERE: Dillard University
WHO: Approximately 1600 school girls from grades K-8
WHY: The demand for Science and Technology jobs is growing every year, but women and girls tend to shy away from these fields. As a woman-owned tech business, Get Online NOLA is committed to inspiring girls to participate in technology from a young age. Through this commitment, we hope to increase the number of women in tech jobs, and help close the pay gap for women in our state.

DETAILS: The Girl Scouts of East Louisiana will host their STEM Extravaganza on the campus of Dillard University on Saturday June 21st. This interactive event aims to inspire girls by introducing them to strong female role-models, presenting hands on science demonstrations, and showcasing the world of STEM (Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics) through panel discussions from experts in the field. Girls from Kindergarten to 8th grade will be in attendance.

Get Online Nola founder, Wendy Dolan, will present WordPress Blog Workshops, where girls will learn how to set up a free blog, write posts, insert images, and even embed videos of their favorite bands or TV shows. We will also teach girls basic HTML in order to show them how simple coding can be, and encourage these bright young women to pursue further education in computer technology. There will be three 45 minute sessions between 12:30 and 3:30pm.

“I fell into the tech field by accident after studying art and graphic design. As a coder, I thrive on the knowledge that I can build something useful and beautiful. School girls perform well in STEM, but can sometimes be intimidated when moving into higher education. I hope to inspire young women to pursue careers that utilize their talents for math and science, while building their confidence.” – Wendy Dolan

Click here for more information on the Girl Scouts STEM Extravaganza.


  • Louisiana has the second largest gender pay gap in the country, with women earning only 67% of what men are earning?

  • There are only 920,000 women in computer science occupations across the country, compared to 2,865,000 men.