RollMaster Software

RollMaster is an international software company that provides solutions for flooring businesses. They have built a robust business management software specifically for the unique needs of the flooring industry. Before we started working with RollMaster, their website was dated and their online advertising lacked cohesive branding. They needed an online presence that reflected their high-tech software and the significant impact it has on their partners’ flooring companies.

Our Solution

Before we started building the new RollMaster website, we researched and created a detailed marketing strategy and customer personas. This process is helpful in allowing our team to understand the end users of the website so we can ensure that the site works well for their needs. Additionally it helps us build the site in a way that encourages the intended actions: in the case of the RollMaster website, the goal is to have new users schedule a demonstration.

After the strategy was fully researched, we were able to craft their fully custom website in a way that would suit all of their clients varied needs, and spotlight their unique selling points.

During our website build, we refreshed the RollMaster branding with a bold, yet clean design. The RollMaster software is high-tech and has a high impact on the flooring businesses that use the program. With this in mind, we created a modern and clear website that is easy to navigate. We updated the colors and icons to create a modern, eye-catching appearance.

It was especially important to make the website optimized for search engines. We have worked with RollMaster on building the SEO strength of their website through technical and on-page SEO.


Custom Icon Pack

Customer Testimonial Videos

Our design focuses on sharing highly valuable customer testimonials throughout. To show off their many satisfied customers, we worked with RollMaster to produce and publish interviews with real users of RollMaster software. We used these testimonials throughout the site and for each market sector so that users can hear directly from business owners and managers in the same field.


Digital Marketing

To help RollMaster grow their business and find new leads in their niche market, we design and facilitate Google ads. With these ads we are able to target people in their unique market and bring in new website visitors, and new leads. We enable thousands of flooring professionals to find and engage with the RollMaster brand every month through our marketing efforts. In addition to search ads and static display ads, we have also created a full suite of HTML5 ads that drive high engagement over standard display ads.