Reeco Rental & Supply

Reeco Rental and Supply Company has been a Thibodaux construction industry mainstay since it opened in 1993. Previously, Reeco had a website made with an out of the box website design program. The design was dated and the site was difficult to update and optimize. 


With the continued success of their organization, Reeco needed to update their digital presence. They wanted a new website that looked modern, made it easy for clients to contact them, and was easy to update with new products throughout the year. They were also looking for a digital marketing strategy to boost their brand and bring in new leads for both their construction rentals

Our Solution

We built a customized website based on one of our tried and true designs. We started with an in-depth strategy for their entire digital presence from the website, to social media, to digital advertising. 


With our strategy in mind we were able to build out a customized wordpress website that has all the tools their customers need. The site features easy to use navigation, custom hover states, and original website copy



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Digital Marketing

With the modern site online, we were able to shift our attention to Reeco’s ongoing marketing efforts. We assist Reeco with Google and Facebook ads that consistently bring in over 100 calls every month.