Hogs For The Cause

Hogs For The Cause is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help families with children battling brain cancer through community engagement. Started in 2009 to help support one family in their community, Hogs For The Cause has grown to one of the region’s most highly acclaimed barbeque and music festivals with over 30,000 people in attendance. What started as a New Orleans local festival has grown to a nation-wide movement raising over two million dollars for hospital programs and other charities, and over one million as direct grants to families battling pediatric brain cancer across the country. 

With the growth of their organization, Hogs For The Cause needed their website to evolve to allow for the separation of the local New Orleans festival, and the nation-wide grant and crowdfunding efforts.

Our Solution

The new Hogs For The Cause website needed to do two things more effectively: help communities around the US start their own fundraisers, and shine a light on the impact of the organization. As a non-profit we also needed to ensure that the website had clear navigation while also being visually distinctive, and it needs to help people donate or start their own fundraiser easily.


We built a customized website with an interactive map that illustrates the money raised by communities across the country. The website also integrates with the organization’s crowdfunding software, which allows people to sign up for crowdfunding, as well as to follow the progress of current campaigns. 


This website also includes:

  • Six unique page templates
  • Professional updates to their logo


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Interactive Map