Gary Bizal Attorney at Law

Attorney Gary Bizal has a long history of fighting for civil rights in state and federal courts. When we first started working with Bizal, he had no logo or web presence to speak of – we were starting totally from scratch.

Our Solution

We built a website focused on Bizal’s work in civil rights; displaying his achievements with a focus on giving useful information to clients. The vision for the site was to look professional and to build name recognition with SEO focused website copy. We run Bizal’s digital ads on the most-searched websites for lawyers.

SEO Focus

When starting from scratch, it’s important to get a solid foot in the door with SEO. To ensure that Bizal gets ongoing, organic website traffic we regularly optimize his web presence for SEO, including online reputation management.

Logo Design & Business Cards

We created a new logo for Bizal incorporating many relevant themes. He wanted the logo to represent his civil rights career without cheesy imagery. We created a logo that incorporates his initials, GB, with a subtle reference to an open padlock to represent his clients who have been wrongfully “locked up”.