Forever New Orleans

Forever New Orleans is a shopping destination for New Orleans tourists and locals alike. With three beautiful locations on Royal street, the stores had plenty of foot traffic driving sales, but little web presence. Without a retail website it was hard to build brand trust with their customers before and after their visit.

Our Solution

We built a fully custom ecommerce website, designed to drive sales. The Forever New Orleans retail site’s design reflects the same unique country chic aesthetic you find in each of their brick and mortar stores. Little flourishes – from the homepage banner to the footer – bring together the quintessential Forever New Orleans look.

To give the brand the valuable ability to sell online, we utilized WooCommerce to create a seamless eCommerce experience. We built a “product quick view” option along with the standard product pages and checkout page.

We also included the ability to have the online order shipped or picked up locally, increasing in person, and local sales.

Variable Products with Pictures

Since the Forever New Orleans online store is filled with t-shirts, jewelry, and other products that have multiple options, we included a handy image changing option in their website. When a customer chooses their variation, the image changes to reflect their choice, making the shopping experience more simple and interactive.

Scrolling Quick View

With this feature, customers can easily view products without loading a new page, and even scroll through items with one click.