Doorman Designs

Doorman Designs creates unique home furniture that reflects the life of New Orleans. We’ve worked with Alex, the owner of Doorman for many years as he’s grown his business. We help boost Doorman’s growth through Google ads that help to guide people who are shopping for high-end furnishing to his website where they can get more information and place their order.

Google Ads

Doorman Designs already had a strong local following but wanted to increase sales nationally. Get Online NOLA helped pinpoint the best potential markets and grow sales with Google Ads. We help with both Shopping Ads, as well as traditional Search Ads to bring in hundreds of new users to the Doorman site each month. Tens of thousands of people every month are introduced to the Doorman brand through ad impressions.

I have been working with Wendy and Get Online Nola for last 5-7 years! They designed my first website and the latest revision from 2016. They’re freaking awesome to work with. The entire team is super talented, with strategic ideas, and creatives ways to market to potential customers. I’ve worked with them continuously on a variety of marketing campaigns and highly recommend!

– Alex Geriner, Owner of Doorman Designs