Chronos is a locally owned and operated wellness center located in Metairie, Louisiana. They have a luxury day spa, fitness center, and med spa to treat their patients to total body wellness. Before we started working with Chronos, their website was difficult to navigate through, for both their staff and for their clients. They needed a modern, responsive website that was easy to use, and that showed off their expertise in the fitness and wellness industry.

Our Solution

We approached the new website with research-based strategy and customer journey mapping to ensure the site would be as effective as possible.

We built Chronos a fully custom responsive website that features an on-brand design that highlights their expertise in wellness, body, and health.

It was especially important that the Chronos website reflected the modern luxury aesthetic of their business. We focused their design on clean lines and adding whitespace to avoid any overwhelming feeling with their many services.

The site includes:

  • Video header section to spark engagement
  • Custom forms to allow for easy communication
  • ECommerce integration to allow for the sale of gift cards and gifted services
  • Relational posts to cross-promote their services
  • Custom “meet the experts” section


The new site is modern, easy to navigate, and easy for Chronos staff to use and update.


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Website Before and After