New Orleans WIT – Bring Your Daughter to Hack Day

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New Orleans Women in Technology hosted close to 150 attendees at UNO’s Lakefront campus on Saturday October 3rd for their second annual“Bring Your Daughter to Hack Day.” Get Online NOLA’s founder, Wendy Dolan, was the lead organizer of the event, and worked along side the WIT board, event sponsors and instructors to provide four different technology themed workshops including Thinkerella’s Laboratory, Electric Girls‘ Work Bench, Elephant Quilt Video Studio, & Website Factory with Tech Talent South.

Dolan said, “It feels great to watch kids create technology at such a young age. We all take these things for granted – watching movies, using the internet, flipping on the lights.  But participating in Hack Day allows kids to see how much work it takes to produce the things they consume every day. I love seeing kids become creators, not just consumers, of tech, and hopefully this will steer a few of them them towards happy and lucrative tech careers.”

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