Why You Need Modern Website Design

Why you need a modern website design

You can’t just have any old website anymore.

It needs to be beautiful and grab your client’s attention. According to Adobe, “38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the design of the site is unattractive.” An ugly website just isn’t doing you any favors. It’s 2018! You need a modern website design.

We wholeheartedly believe your website should be a reflection of your best work, and be appealing to current and prospective clients. Just a few months ago we did a complete overhaul of our own website to make it much more engaging. The new site is a radical change from our old look but we love it! We made a point to make the design interactive, visually appealing, and utilize modern website design practices.

But it’s not all about pretty graphics!

Part of the key thing is making sure your beautiful website is functional too. We ensured our new website appeals to our own customer personas. This way we could design each page a prospective client visits appropriately and have relevant content. It also guided our website copy and the way users move through the site.

Key Aspects Of Modern Website Design

  • Full-Width Design – One dead ringer for an old site is fixed width design. If the entire website is 900 pixels wide and it never changes no matter how big the screen? That’s an old website. Consumers are savvy enough to recognize an old website. A full-width website is a site where the content can stretch to fit your whole screen.
  • Bold Graphics – The trend for several years was minimal design. All white websites with everything pared back is no longer the look. Bold, memorable, graphics are in. We have noticed this design trend picking up and designed our new site to fit the bill.
  • Optimize For Quick Loading – If your website doesn’t load, users get annoyed and leave. Google takes into consideration both your desktop and mobile site speed too!
  • Gradients – Gradients give more movement than boring flat colors. It’s one of the biggest design trends this year! We love to use subtle gradients as well as bold, high contrast gradients in design.
  • Moving Elements – If you’ve stopped by our homepage lately you’ll notice our moving elements utilizing HTML5! These are a great way to make your website a bit more fun as well as keeping users eyes engaged on the website.

Modern Website Design Before And After

Get Online NOLA

Our “before” website wasn’t totally outdated. It has the full-width design we love now and modern features like an auto-rotating slide show. But, we knew our website could be more impactful.

Now our site is bold, engaging, and fun!

Messina’s Catering

Messina’s Catering Before

The old website for Messina’s catering has the key sign of a fixed-width website.

Messina’s Catering After

Messina’s website now looks modern and elegant.


Rent-A-Nerd Before website


The old Rent-A-Nerd Website was dated and didn’t reflect their current appeal.

Rent-A-Nerd After

The new site looks refreshed and modern!

At Get Online NOLA, modern website design will always keep us delighted. Want to chat about leveling up your website? Let’s start with a free strategy session!