Need a Web Presence? Wendy Dolan contributes to Biz Magazine

Our founder, Wendy Dolan, was invited to contribute a guest viewpoint for the Biz New Orleans January 2016 issue. She wrote about a question that she hears often from small business owners – should they build a website them self, or should they hire a professional. There are several questions that business owners should ask themselves when deciding ho to go about establishing an online presence. Wendy outlines those questions and gives her best advice on how to get online. Read a snippet of the article below, and click here to see the full story on the Biz New orleans Website.

Biz - Wendy Dolan contributes

The Internet is a huge part of our daily lives, and the fact that most people consult the web when shopping for goods and services is no secret. A recent survey by media research and advisory company BIA Kelsey found that 97 percent of consumers use online media before they make a decision on where to spend their money.

As that number continues to rise, businesses without a strong online presence are at risk of becoming invisible. Knowing you need a website and making it happen are two very different things. Even though most of us use the Internet on a daily basis, shopping for a business website can be intimidating. The options can be overwhelming and there will inevitably be new jargon to learn. Despite this, the process does not have to be confusing. The first step is deciding whether you want to take the do-it-yourself approach or hire a professional. As a small-business owner myself, I often hear advice that I should outsource anything that isn’t part of my core competency. Unfortunately, real budgets don’t always allow for this, so making decisions about what we can do alone and what needs to go to a professional are crucial to success.

Read on as Wendy Dolan discusses the challenges and considerations small businesses need to weigh before taking the leap online.