My Office Makeover with Organized Impressions

getonlinenola-office-makeover Office Makeover – Before and After

Last year, we interviewed Nadine McCoy, of Organized Impressions, about tips for staying organized. This year, we wanted to take her advice to the next level, so I decided to invite Nadine into the office to try to take control over the paper that plagues me.

I’ve never claimed to be one of those people who is just naturally neat, quite the opposite in fact.  Nadine warns not to get caught up in the trap of thinking anyone is really “naturally neat.” She says, “Staying organized is a skill that can be learned, just like any other.  Anyone can do it.”

The first step was a consultation. I wanted to replace my bulky old desk, and lighten up the room, but had no idea how. Nadine walked in and immediately commented on the bright bay window, and the fact that I was facing away from it. She suggested that we turn my desk to face the street. Brilliant! Within seconds, we were flipping through an Ikea catalogue, and Nadine suggested several furniture options that fit my budget. She even placed the order and arranged delivery with Blue Bag, a clever NOLA company that delivers Ikea purchases from Houston.


After constructing my new desk and shelves (with some help from my favorite men), it was time to deal with the paperwork.  I scheduled a three hour appointment, threw on jeans and sneakers, and heaped all my old mail and files into a giant, embarrassing pile. Begrudgingly, I obeyed Nadine’s rule about not tidying before her arrival so she could “see the catchment areas.”  All of this put me well outside of my comfort zone, but Nadine’s matter of fact manner put me at ease. We created three piles – recycle, shred, trash – and made quick decisions about what should stay or go. When I began to waver, Nadine gently reminded me that  if my way had been working, she wouldn’t be here right now. Touché!

By the end of our session, Nadine had helped me recycle two bags of paper, and implement a simple filing system that can be easily understood by others in the office. She taught me how to use an action folder to help stay focused on the tasks at hand, and best of all, she helped design a space where I enjoy spending my time.  I know I still have work to do, but most days, I sit down to a tidier desk, and that puts me one step closer to a productive day.

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