How To Use Instagram Stories For Small Businesses

In our new video series, our Marketing Coordinator, Allison, shares how to use Instagram Stories for small business. This video explains not just why Instagram Stories are useful for small businesses, but how to get started on the app.

How To Use Instagram Stories for Small Business:

We also discuss what brands may not find Instagram Stories useful for marketing.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone! I’m Allison, and I’m the Marketing Coordinator here at Get Online NOLA and today I’m here to chat with you about Instagram Stories.

I’m sure by now you know that Instagram can be an effective marketing and branding tool for your business. Now, with Instagram Stories, you can better reach your dedicated fan base with casual content that doesn’t live on your regular Instagram feed.

Instagram Stories work a lot like Snapchat in that they disappear after 24 hours, but you get all the benefits of being on the Instagram platform. Many users have started turning away from Snapchat making Instagram Stories the place to be right now.

Instagram stories live at the top of the screen when you open the app. This makes it the first thing that your followers see when they log in. According to Instagram, the implementation of Instagram stories has lead to users spending more time on the app every day.

So, how do you use Instagram stories? You can choose to curate content in advance or use it off the cuff. Because Instagram stories lend well to casual, less perfected content – things like behind the scenes shots, showing your company culture, or even product sales, tend to perform well.

You can share images and videos on Instagram stories, and enhance the content with filters, stickers, polls, tagging, and hashtags. Hashtags and tags both work on Instagram stories, just like they would on a photo on your grid. Using a hashtag (or geolocation sticker) means that your public story may become part of that hashtag story for the 24 hours it’s available.

But, Instagram stories isn’t right for every brand. Instagram users tend to be young, about 60% of users are under 30 years old. Instagram stories also need to be fun and compelling, being comfortable sharing behind the scenes videos is key!

Note: please see video for Instagram Stories demonstration 

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