How To Clear Cache In 3 Major Browsers

Your browser cache is a super helpful tool.

Most of the time it works to keep your internet browsing experience as quick as possible. But, it can get a little sticky if you leave your cache alone for too long. In this post we will cover why you need to, and how to clear cache in most major browsers.

What Is The Cache Anyway?

The first time you open a web page the entire site is brand new to your browser. There is a lot of data stored on web pages from images, to widgets, plugins, and other files. Your browser will automatically save some of these files in what is called the cache (pronounced cash). These files are saved so that the browser can load the page faster the next time you open it. The browser can open cached files faster than pulling them in fresh from the website which usually makes for a better web experience for you.

When You Need To Clear Your Cache

The reason why you need to clear your cache from time to time is those files can become dated. With an old cache, your browser is able to bring up an old version of a page, regardless of the current version. If you upload new images to your own website but can’t see them once you hit publish, it’s time to clear your cache. If your web developer has made updates to the code or content on your website, and you don’t see any changes, chances are you’re viewing cached files, and you need to clear your cache.

No two browsers are exactly alike when it comes to clearing your cache. The following will show you step by step how to clear your cache from the top three most popular browsers, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

How To Clear Cache On Chrome

Step one: Open Tools Menu

On the upper right-hand corner of your chrome browser, there are three dots. This represents the tool menu. Click these dots to open the menu.

Step two: Select “History”

Under the tools tab, you will find a list of options. Hover over “More Tools” and another menu will slide out. On this secondary menu, select clear browsing data.

Step Three: Select Clear Data

This will bring up another menu with options for what to clear. To get the most out of this process change the time range to “All Time”. To clear just your cache, unclick from browsing history and cookies. Then at the bottom of this menu click clear data. This clears out your cache on Chrome.

How To Clear Cache On Firefox

Step One: Open Clear Recent History

In the upper left-hand side of your browser find the menu for History. Click History and a drop-down will appear. Click on “Clear Recent History”. This will bring up another menu.

Step Two: Expand Details

Before you click Clear Now, click the details arrow to open up more options.

Step Three: Clear Cache

To clear your entire cache, change the time range to everything. Then, under the details tab select just cache. Click “Clear Now” and you’re all set!

How To Clear Cache on Safari

Step One: Open Preferences

In the top left-hand menu bar, click Safari. This will bring down a menu, from there click preferences.

Step Two: Show Developer Menu

In the preferences menu click the far right tab, Advanced. All the way at the bottom, click “show develop menu in menu bar”.

Step Three: Clear Cache

Close the menu and the Develop menu will appear at the top of your screen. Click Develop, and then empty caches from the drop-down menu.

How To Clear Cache With Keyboard Shortcuts

Pro tip: If you are a fan of keyboard shortcuts, you can clear your cache with a few keyboard taps. In most popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer you can clear your cache with the same keyboard shortcut.

For PC users, while in your browser press Ctrl + Shift + Delete. This will open the window to allow you to clear your cache much faster.

The shortcut for Chrome and Firefox on MAC is Shift + Command + Delete.

The Safari shortcut is Ctrl + Command + E.

Love keyboard shortcuts? We list our favorites here!

How Often You Should Clear Your Cache

If you’re a heavy internet user, we suggest clearing your cache once a week. This will make sure the pages you are using are up to date and fresh. You should also clear your cache if you’re having any trouble loading pages, or the design looks suddenly funky. This may clear things up without having to restart your browser.

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