Why Is Everyone Leaving Facebook?

Here’s something we never thought we’d have to write: people are leaving Facebook in droves.

This news is surprising, but don’t worry too much, Facebook isn’t going anywhere.

What’s Going On With Facebook?

Via: http://gs.statcounter.com

The market share for Facebook started to drop in February among fear of information security issues with the site. The Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal resulted in millions of personal profiles data breached. Although Mark Zuckerberg took responsibility for the leak and promises to upgrade security, people are losing trust. Facebook went from having nearly 80% of the US social media market share to 47% in just two months.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

It’s not time to leave Facebook quite yet. Although the leak has lead to people leaving the site, many people are still regular Facebook users. We strongly believe that within the next few months Facebook use will be rebounding back up. Until then there are several things you can do from a marketing perspective.

New Opportunities

Interestingly, Pinterest has taken over as the Facebook market share has dropped. In a nearly perfectly opposite change, Pinterest went from 13% of the market share to 35% in the last two months as Facebook has declined.

Pinterest is an excellent social media platform for marketing products that are particularly eye-catching. Pinterest, like Instagram, is all about the pretty pictures – the prettier the better! One of the best things about Pinterest is that they regularly make beneficial updates for businesses, like allowing shopping in the app, and tagging specific parts of pictures with different links.

If you aren’t on Pinterest or haven’t spent the time to grow a following, now may be the time to invest.

Big Picture Realities

At the end of the day, is Facebook going away? Nope. We strongly advise businesses to have active social media accounts and to use ad spend accordingly. Facebook ads are still going to be beneficial for your brand, but you may want to adjust your budget slightly away from Facebook and towards another channel like Google Adwords.

This keeps your brand relevant for when people come back to Facebook (and they will trust us). But, it also uses your advertising budget responsibly while the Facebook Flight is going on. It’s also a good idea for businesses who rely on their Facebook page instead of a website to kick that website into gear.

When you have your own website, you’re in control. You’re not relying on an algorithm for people to see you, and the website isn’t going to disappear overnight. We build reliable, modern, and exciting websites for our clients that can weather you through any social media fluctuations.

Let’s start with a free strategy session to chat more about marketing your business.