How to Claim Your Business’ Online Reviews

As a business owner, you may be wondering how to claim your business’ online reviews and turn them into leads. If you weren’t able to catch Wendy’s talk about How to Turn Your Customers into Ambassadors (find the slides here), one of the steps in taking control of your online presence is to claim your online reviews that already exist. We found some of the most popular customer review websites tutorials to make the task easier. We know running a business is difficult and we’re here to help.

1. Google

Google Plus is promoted by the biggest technology platform on the planet. Anything you post on Google + is automatically indexed by Google (helloooo, SEO!) which in turn, helps your small business get found by your customers faster! Watch the video below to learn how to claim your business on Google.

2. Yelp

Yelp is a review website for local businesses based on crowd-sourced feedback. As of 2016, Yelp has over 135 million monthly visitors who generate 95 million reviews per month. Click on the image below to claim your business’ Yelp Business Page.


3. Facebook

Facebook for Business can allow you to target the exact demographic of your customer and harness the visibility of over a billion users. Facebook is also a great way to interact with your consumers in a meaningful way.
How to claim your business on Facebook.


4. Zomato

Zomato is a search and discovery website specifically for restaurants. A few years ago, Google Maps integrated with Zomato (among other search and discovery sites) to provide a more informative experience for their users. How to claim your business on Zomato.


5. FourSquare

FourSquare is a search and discovery website based on geolocation. They specialize in local listings to provide the most relevant search results. How to claim your business on Foursquare.


6. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor was one of the first companies to adopt user-generated content. They provide customer reviews for travel-related content and interactive travel forums. How to claim your business on TripAdvisor.

If all of this sounds daunting, try one of the many location-based platform management services. We’ve been looking at Yext and SinglePlatform among others, both of which are cost-based.