The Chrome Extensions You Need For Business

chrome extensions for business

Today, there are more Chrome extensions for business available than ever before.

But, with thousands and thousands to choose from it can be tricky to figure out which extension is right for your business. We understand that as a business you need to be efficient which is why we are going to share with you some of our favorite Chrome extensions for business, why we like them, and why they help us in our business!

1. Grammarly

This is one of the best Chrome extensions for business if you ask us. Checking against more than 250 grammar rules, Grammarly makes it simple to check everything from grammar, spelling, and plagiarism. If you are a business owner that writes a lot of blog posts, emails, website content, you want to come across as professional. Misspelling words and incorrect grammar is just not professional. Save the awkward misspelled email and download Grammarly ASAP.

Allison said, “I write a lot of blog posts, emails, and social media posts, it’s super helpful in making sure whatever I write is grammatically correct!”

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communication platform which allows you to message, video chat, SMS with Gmail. We use it at Get Online NOLA to communicate quickly with one another without having to shout across the room. We also use it for voice and video calls when talking to someone outside the office.

Lindsey said “Hangouts makes communicating with each other so much easier. It’s useful to pass links, pictures, and information to each other more quickly than email.”

3. Full Page Screenshot

Full Page Screenshot allows you to take a screenshot of the entire web page instantly. This is the simplest way to take a screenshot and way more efficient than other Chrome extensions we’ve tried. It also allows you to save entire web pages to .jpg images, instead of only the visible portion.

Leo said, “Dealing with websites, it’s super helpful so show rather than tell, and this add-on allows for smoother communication on issues, updates, and content creation.”

4. Pinterest Save Button

The Pinterest save buttons lets you save anything you find on the web and you can easily go back to it later. It is an easy way to pinning for your business a natural reflex. With just one click, you can instantly save images, ideas from anywhere on the web to your Pinterest page and directly to your followers. This is one of the Chrome extensions for Business that all retailers need to be using.

Savannah said, “It is important because it saves time and if you want others to pin your pictures/blog posts they are more likely too if all they have to do it click a button.”

5. Mozbar

This is an all-in-one SEO toolbar for research. Mozbar allows you to create custom searches, expose page elements, compare link metrics, and highlight keywords and links, and a lot of other helpful SEO tools. So we’re basically using this all day every day.

Serah said, “I use the MozBar extension specifically in competitor analysis. It is extremely helpful and a huge timesaver.”

6. Right Inbox

Looking to increase your email productivity? Right Inbox was basically made for you. It is a simple-to-use service that automatically reminds you to follow up on emails. You can schedule emails to go out later, remind yourself to check up on an email if the recipient has not replied, and even schedule a follow-up email to send automatically if there is no reply by a certain date and time.

Wendy said, “Communication is the most critical parts of my job and email is by far the most used method of communicating with our clients. If I let an email slip through the cracks, it can cause project delays and unhappy customers. Right Inbox helps me keep on top of it all more efficiently.”

7. Colorzilla

With almost 5 million downloads, Colorzilla assists web developers and graphic developers with color related tasks. It allows getting a color reading point from any point in the browser. It then quickly adjusts the picture and pastes it into another program, such as Photoshop.

Wendy said, “I like it because it allows me to select any color I see in Chrome and get the Hex value.”

8. Buffer

Buffer makes sharing content across all your platforms easy! It just takes one click and you can publish your updates to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and  Google+ from anywhere on the web. On top of that, it tracks your results and analyzes everything you share.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of useful Chrome extensions for business here. These are just a few of the many ways we use extensions to save time, make our lives a little easier, and simply help create a better business! Want to chat about improving your business? Let’s talk about it in a free strategy session!