WIT WordPress Workshop – Accidental Hackathon

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Stay In The Know

Get Online Nola teamed up with New Orleans Women in Tech to host a WordPress Workshop at the Propeller social entrepreneurship incubator.  The workshop, held on April 5th, catered to mostly women, and a few men, with a wide range of experience levels. Over the course of the 4 hour event, participants learned about the history and functionality of WordPress. Most created a new website from scratch, while others improved upon their existing site.

Silicone Bayou News reported that 18 women were tricked into attending a hackathon.

“WIT founder Torrie Adams wants to bridge the gender gap in the tech field by getting more women to attend hackathons. When asked how to get more women to attend hackathons, Adams, replied, “It’s easy. Don’t tell them it’s a hackathon. If the goal is to learn new skills and work collaboratively on something important, then women will be interested. Unfortunately, there’s a cultural gap that goes with the gender gap, and the terminology is causing a barrier to entry. Fixing that will require toning down the ‘hack’ vocabulary at times, and educating women on what a hackathon is.?”

Click the images below to view our slides from the Women in Tech WordPress Workshop.