13 Best PC Keyboard Shortcuts

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We are grateful for the opportunity to help out our fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners wherever we can. Our post about Essential Mac Keyboard Shortcuts was such a success, that we’re including our picks for the 13 Best PC Keyboard Shortcuts to increase productivity. You’ll be amazed at how much faster you can work your way around the keyboard once you memorize these handy pc keyboard shortcuts.

PC Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + C/V Easily copies and pastes text and documents
  • Ctrl + X “Cut”, removes the selected item and places it on your Clipboard
  • Ctrl + Z/Y Undo/Redo actions
  • Ctrl + plus (+) or minus (-) Zooms in and out of windows
  • Alt + Tab Switch between open applications (except desktop apps)
  • F2 Renames the selected item, especially helpful with photos!
  • PrtScn Full window screenshot (copies to your clipboard). Hitting Alt beforehand will do the same for the open window only
  • Win + PrtScn Saves full window screenshot to a file (Windows 8 only)
  • Win + L Locks your PC or switches people
  • Win + D Shows your desktop
  • Alt + Esc Cycles through open programs
  • Alt + Hyphen (-) opens the window’s control menu
  • Alt + F4 closes the open window

We hope this list comes in handy when you’re hard pressed for time. Let us know if you have any shortcuts you’d like to share, and check out this list for even more shortcuts!